13 Ways to Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking means giving yourself the opportunity to live healthier and longer. If you intend to stop this bad habit, but still haven't succeeded in one way, don't worry. There are many other ways that can be tried to successfully run the way to stop smoking. Failure to stop smoking does not make you forever shackled by cigarettes. It could be the success of how to stop smoking achieved by combining several ways at once. The important thing to remember, stopping smoking is a process that needs to be lived in stages and requires determination, commitment, and patience. Take a look at the steps below because it might be your way out. Managing Stress Stress can be one of the reasons someone chooses to smoke. After smoking, someone feels relaxed. Try several ways to relieve tension, such as listening to music, massage, or yoga. In addition, at the beginning of the trial period to stop, as much as possible avoid stressful situations. Avoid Triggers As much as pos
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